Part NUmber – 1000839

Compatibility and simplicity

The CL-S321 is an easy-to-use, value-based printer that delivers dependable day-to-day output.  The printer offers EPL2 compatibility, so you can just plug and print with existing applications, and provides not only Ethernet but also RS-232 and USB interfaces. With this robust, reliable unit you can invest less time in printer maintenance, training and support and more time in building your business.


  • Prints at 4-inches per second
  • Single button operation
  • Front exit – prevents damage from moisture or foreign objects
  • Variable paper width – 1 inch (25.4 mm) – 4.6 inches (118.1 mm)
  • Fast print out – 4 inches per second (100 mm per second)

Built-in interface

  • Serial
  • USB
  • LAN

Typical application

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmacy
  • E-Seller
  • SME / SMB

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