• High-performance CPU, Excellent performance in decoding and error correcting capacity Diversity of USB interface.
  • customized configuration with the best performance Ultra comfort design perfect human engineering design, ultra-comfort with lifetime use
  • Best price value, high-performance CPU performance with only 8 bits CPU price
  • Diversified customized features, great match for customer applications, greatly improve work efficiency
  • Achieving one-to-many communications (one PC/PLC host to many barcode scanners), Good for applications as multiple barcode scanners linked to the same network
  • Complement checking code for barcode data and command, more secure for data and command transfer
  • Creative user defined barcode technology, user-defined barcode binding with unique ID barcode scanner

Product Specification

  • Min. resolution – PCS 0.9:0.101 mm / 4 mil,Min. PCS value: 0.35
  • Scan method – Bi-directional scanning
  • Light source – 650 nm visible laser diode
  • Communications – USB Interface
  • Type – Barcode Scanner with Stand
  • Scan Element Type – Other
  • Color Depth – 32 Bit
  • Interface Type – Other, USB

Application and Solution

  • Clothing, retail chain store, warehouse management, e-business, commercial retail, logistics express and file management, etc.

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